Multiple Engagement Tools

You can create multiple engagement types such as compilation engagement, agreed upon procedures or statutory audit. The work programs and other modules can be easily customised to manage each engagement type.

Easy Import Function

Besides importing of trial balance from different formats easily and link the account balances to the lead sheets, you can also import general ledgers seamlessly to allow transactions to be analysed through our data analytics tools.


You can create and customise every audit planning and completion document with different levels of sign off permissions. These can be created in different formats such a checklist, questionnaire or letters of confirmation.

Work Programs

The Work Programs come with different dynamic forms to conduct and document your work. You can also create Note, Adjustments, Attachments, Reference and Tick marks for every account balance or transaction sample. There is also an essential guide for auditing different account type and balances accessible via the self-help tool.

Data Analytics

The Data Analytics tool helps you to conduct a more intuitive audit by providing you with deep insights and analysis into any accounts or transactions.

Multiple Reviews

Enable users to create multiple level of reviews. Their review comments and notes can be easily created, tracked and resolved, ensuring the conduct of quality audit.

FS Generator

You can use the FS Generator to quickly create customisable templates and generate different types of financial reports.

Our Apps

Client Cursor

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Application that put serving your customers as its sole focus. It strives to create a fully personalised approach to forge extraordinary relationship with every customer.

Workflow Cursor

Workflow Cursor

Workflow Management Application that Cursor enables you to plan and manage all your engagements and manpower resources to improve business performance, profitability and client service delivery.

HR Cursor

HR Cursor

HRMS Application that streamlines and automates every aspect of human resource function into a single platform to manage and drive your single most valuable asset – People.

Client Cursor

Bean Cursor

Accounting Application that manages your accounting, finances and business performance anytime and anywhere intuitively and seamlessly.

Client Cursor

Doc Cursor

Document Management System whereby all the storage and management of documents are in a secured, standardised and user-friendly virtual environment.

Client Cursor

Knowledge Cursor

Knowledge Management System that provides you with a powerful platform to share and manage knowledge and information across your Organisation.

Client Cursor

Audit Cursor

Audit application that empowers you with data analytic tools and automation features to conduct an efficient and effective audit. Its easy-to-use report generation tools allow financial reports to be generated effortlessly.

Client Cursor

Tax Cursor

Tax application to perform corporate tax computation and return with different types of easy to use auto-compute and auto-fill tax claim or incentive templates. It interface provides you with a comprehensive overview of the work performed.

Client Cursor

Boardroom Cursor

The Corporate Secretarial application that empowers you with easy-to-use automated document templates to perform your corporate secretarial work. Its informative interface provides you with a comprehensive overview of all activities.

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