Multiple Entities

Accounting and finances of multiple entities are handled in a single platform. You can do cross billing, receipts and payments and funds transfer in a single transaction. Financial performance can be managed and tracked on a standalone or consolidated basis.

Customer Management

You can handle your customers' adhoc or recurring invoices, balances, credit notes, discounts, GST and receipts seamlessly, giving you the power to manage sales and collections effectively.

Vendor Management

All vendors' bills and claims can be easily downloaded and tracked for effective management of your payment cycle and cash flows.

Cash Flow Management

You can manage deposits, withdrawals, transfers and bank reconciliations effortlessly. The interactive Cash Flow Manager gives you insights on how the cash have been generated and spent in one glance.

Multi-currency Platform

The Multi-currency platform allows you to handle multi-currency transactions where all accounting and currency gain/loss are recorded and tracked automatically.

Our Apps

Client Cursor

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Application that put serving your customers as its sole focus. It strives to create a fully personalised approach to forge extraordinary relationship with every customer.

Workflow Cursor

Workflow Cursor

Workflow Management Application that Cursor enables you to plan and manage all your engagements and manpower resources to improve business performance, profitability and client service delivery.

HR Cursor

HR Cursor

HRMS Application that streamlines and automates every aspect of human resource function into a single platform to manage and drive your single most valuable asset – People.

Client Cursor

Bean Cursor

Accounting Application that manages your accounting, finances and business performance anytime and anywhere intuitively and seamlessly.

Client Cursor

Doc Cursor

Document Management System whereby all the storage and management of documents are in a secured, standardised and user-friendly virtual environment.

Client Cursor

Knowledge Cursor

Knowledge Management System that provides you with a powerful platform to share and manage knowledge and information across your Organisation.

Client Cursor

Audit Cursor

Audit application that empowers you with data analytic tools and automation features to conduct an efficient and effective audit. Its easy-to-use report generation tools allow financial reports to be generated effortlessly.

Client Cursor

Tax Cursor

Tax application to perform corporate tax computation and return with different types of easy to use auto-compute and auto-fill tax claim or incentive templates. It interface provides you with a comprehensive overview of the work performed.

Client Cursor

Boardroom Cursor

The Corporate Secretarial application that empowers you with easy-to-use automated document templates to perform your corporate secretarial work. Its informative interface provides you with a comprehensive overview of all activities.

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