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Client Cursor

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Application that put serving your customers as its sole focus. It strives to create a fully personalised approach to forge extraordinary relationship with every customer.


How are we different

Integrated practice management suite for Accounting firms with CRM, Job allocation, Resource management, Accounting, HR, File storage and Analytics dashboards.

  • Every application interact with other applications seamlessly.
  • Context-based analytics enable users to access real-time data insights.
  • Business applications and collaboration tools work seamlessly together.
  • Partners network empowers businesses to bring new revenue stream.

Marketing Campaigns

You can create and manage marketing campaigns and track the generation of leads through these campaigns to assess its effectiveness.

Simple Inputs and Association

All leads’ profile can be automatically created and captured by importing their business profile directly.

Opportunities Tracking

Every business opportunity goes through different stages. It can be created, quoted, won, loss, cancelled or complete.

Account Management

Every won lead turned into an account will create and generate recurring business opportunities automatically on any predefined frequency, enabling you to follow up closely on them.

Streamlining Communication

Powerful template creation engine enables you to send and streamline all forms of communication such as introductory email, proposals, quotations and engagement letters via a click of a button.

Pricing Plans for Practice Management Solutions

Practice Management Solutions (PMS) include Client Cursor, Workflow Cursor, HR Cursor, Bean Cursor and Analytics Cursor.

Limited period offer – Subscribe to PMS complete package and receive complimentary access to Document Cursor and Knowledge Cursor.

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Why people love SmartCursors

Enhance Productivity

Reduce 75% of paperwork compared to manual practices

Improve Profitability

Streamline processes and adopt efficient ways to run business

Real-time Insights

Access to KPIs to analyse strengths and weaknesses at any time