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Workflow Management Application that enables you to plan and manage all your engagements and manpower resources to improve business performance, profitability and client service delivery.

Engagement Management

You can easily manage and track engagements in terms of its progress, recovery, invoicing status and turnaround time in one glance.

Dynamic Scheduling

The dynamic scheduling tool provides powerful visibility of your available resources to optimise resource allocation. Staff can be assigned to each engagement easily via quick add, replace, replicate or copy function.

Intuitive Time Tracking

Simple and intuitive interface which allows staff to view their schedule, input and track their time log.

Resource Management

The resource management tool tracks every staff’s planned and actual utilisation rate, billing contribution, recovery rate and overrun hours for each engagement, optimising your resources to improve your business productivity and profitability.

Flexible Invoicing Options

Flexible invoicing options such as interim and final billings, fixed and variable billings and multiple billing entities to support the full dynamics of your business.

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