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CRM Software

CRM application to manage all your clients interaction
in real-time, for a fully personalized engagement

CRM Software -
How Are We Different

Digitally Engage your clients with best in class Cloud-based CRM


Marketing Campaigns

You can create and manage marketing campaigns and track the generation of leads through these campaigns to assess its effectiveness with CRM Software.

Simple Inputs and Association

All leads’ profile can be automatically created and captured by importing their business profile directly.


Opportunities Tracking

Every business opportunity goes through different stages. It can be created, quoted, won, loss, cancelled or complete.

Account Management

Every won lead turned into an account will create and generate recurring business opportunities automatically on any predefined frequency, enabling you to follow up closely on them.


Streamlining Communication

Powerful template creation engine enables you to send and streamline all forms of communication such as introductory email, proposals, quotations and engagement letters via a click of a button.

Our ClientsOur customers are growing their businesses with SmartCursors.


Why customers love SmartCursors ?

Enhance Productivity

Secured and Reliable Cloud Platform with anywhere anytime access with 75% lesser paperwork

Improve Profitability

More time spent on business instead of costly OPEX on IT and reduced CAPEX with Pay as you use model

Make Better Business Decisions

Real Time Visibility on KPI’s with Control on Compliances