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SmartCursors follows the cloud platform principles for the commercial structure and allows subscribers to pay as per their usage, giving businesses the flexibility to scale their business anytime they are ready to expand.

Pay for what you use , Pay as you Grow

Standalone Subscription Plans For SmartCursors


Digitalize Business Operations

Digitalise all work processes to manage business operations to gain better efficiency, visibility, and transparency using CRM, Workflow, HRMS, Accounting and Knowledge Management.

Digitalize Client Service

Digital tools bring you efficiency and quality. Use the right digital tool for every service delivered to your client. SmartCursors toolset helps to do Audit, Tax, Boardroom, Payroll and Accounting services for clients.

Digital Marketplace

SmartCursors digital marketplace for accounting firms to offer SaaS based IT solutions and licenses to their SME clients. Solutions include Modern workplace, Cyber Security, Cloud, and Business applications.

  Modern Workplace



Why customers love SmartCursors ?

Enhance Productivity

Secured and Reliable Cloud Platform with anywhere anytime access with 75% lesser paperwork

Improve Profitability

More time spent on business instead of costly OPEX on IT and reduced CAPEX with Pay as you use model

Make Better Business Decisions

Real Time Visibility on KPI’s with Control on Compliances