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Document Management System where by all the storage and management of documents are in a secured, standardised and user friendly virtual environment.

How Are We Different in Document Management System

Integrated practice management suite for Accounting firms with CRM, Job allocation, Resource management, Accounting, HR, File storage and Analytics dashboards.

  • Every application interact with other applications seamlessly.
  • Context-based analytics enable users to access real-time data insights.
  • Business applications and collaboration tools work seamlessly together.
  • Partners network empowers businesses to bring new revenue stream.

Access Rights

Access rights to any documents are administered by a controlled and instinctive access panel to ensure data protection and integrity with Document Management System.

Global Search

Searching and locating your documents are easy with our advanced enterprise search capabilities.


My Workspace

Create folders and upload documents in “My workspace”, tag documents as favourites and share documents with other members to foster collaboration and drive productivity with Document Management System.

Why people love SmartCursors

Enhance Productivity

Reduce 75% of paperwork compared to manual practices

Improve Profitability

Streamline processes and adopt efficient ways to run business

Real-time Insights

Access to KPIs to analyse strengths and weaknesses at any time